CMACS approved on ALL our products!

To obtain the CMA Certification Services mark of approval on a certain product, the applicant must
comply with at least the following requirements:
• The applicant must have an intrenched quality management system and will be audited by an
auditor against your system;
• The applicant must provide proof on consistent compliance of the product for which was
applied with a specification such as the South African National Standards (SANS) specification.
• The applicant will be inspected against their quality management system and also tested for
compliance of the product with regular inspections and testing;
• If any non-conformities are recorded during these audits the applicant will first have to proof
corrective actions and preventive actions have been taken before the mark will be issued

SANS1058:2021 – Concrete Paving Blocks

SANS508:2020 – Concrete retaining blocks

SANS1215:2008 – Concrete masonry units